Well simple and easy. Let us provide decorative antique or modern sofas that give an extra appeal to your home or office for your business. Let us provide you as a customer a better and new look and feel comfort environment. Upholstery furniture in Clinton Township, Michigan. Anthony’s Upholstery Shop is a full service upholstery furniture for commercial and residential customers. As well you get support for free design advice and decorative tips you may miss when redesign your furniture. Getting help from professional designers may increase your budget. When you hire us, you get at no cost those services. Whatever you have, bring your master piece or call us at any time.

Why our Upholstery Shop?

We are a multi-cultural local upholstery shop serving a beautifully multi-cultural city of Clinton Township, Michigan. Moreover, our collective skill sets allow us to offer a unique prices of upholstery services. Not only do we offer sofa repair, we also make custom new sofas with different styles and a variety selections of unique high quality upholstery fabrics, this fact making us a one stop for upholstery service. Stop today at our upholstery shop in Clinton Township, Michigan. Generations of customers we have worked proudly as our family business has been growing day to day.

Upholstery is not an easy job. The only way to provide upholstery quality is by experience and good quality materials used in upholstery. At our upholstery shop we pledge to apply our superior upholstery skills, decades of trained craftsmanship and Grade A upholstery materials we use in every sofa we fix.

We will never take a shortcut, but we will always find ways to save you money and time and we always go above the call of duty. Every upholstery service done the right way the first time. We invite you to test our high quality upholstery service we make for you to enjoy in a comfortable sofa in your home.

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